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Welcome to Balade Your Way

Bringing you authentic flavors from the Middle East, with a modern flair

It’s a simple recipe:

Balade meaning “fresh” blends with the exclusive Your Way Philosophy perfectly. What is the Your Way Philosophy? It means we always put YOU first. Because we know how important what you eat is, for your health and your taste buds, we make sure to bring you the highest quality local ingredients and a wide variety of flavors to satisfy your sophisticated palate.

More so, we allow you to pick and choose, mix and match so you can cater to exactly what taste you feel like having at that exact moment. We are redefining what it means to have healthy fresh delicious food that is quick and customized up to the last spice. Applying our special variety of cooking techniques to our unique blend of flavors coupled with our exclusive contemporary interior design has allowed us to bring highlights from the world of fine dining into our quick-service restaurants.


At Balade Your Way, our food is a labor of passion. Our fresh ingredients are handpicked daily from local suppliers to bring you the authentic flavors of the Middle East, with a modern twist! We are passionate about our food choices: we understand that only the best quality produces the tastiest flavors. Because we recognize that not every chickpea, lentil or herb is grown equal. Not only that, sustainability is a priority. Our beef and lamb is grass fed, our chicken free range. We choose organic every chance we get.

Taste the difference. Mix and match YOUR WAY to please your palate. We will prepare it for you exactly the way you like it. Want to know what ingredients are in inside a dish? Just ask us and we will be happy to oblige. We are committed to offering you the healthiest, most flavorful selections every time. It’s simple really, we do not compromise so you can relax and ignite your taste buds with a delicious meal you will love!